The Three Little Pigs

There was a lot of huffing and puffing in Robins this week and it wasn't just from the teachers! The children gave a very animated performance of 'The Three Little Pigs' as they retold this traditional tale. They drew some beautifully detailed story maps and used their phonic knowledge to practise sounding out labels for their pictures. Straw seemed a very silly building material for the first pig to choose and Robins thought of their own silly ideas but decided a chocolate house would melt, a sand house would crumble and a jelly house would simply be too wobbly! We explored the houses in Gretton on our adventure walk looking at different materials and comparing old and new buildings including the original church tower. In PE our warm-up was of course 'What's the time Mr Wolf?' and we learnt how to shuttle run to collect building materials for the Little Pig's houses. In Maths Robins explored the composition of numbers 4 and 5 finding different ways to make these numbers and recording their ideas. At Forest School we made clay pigs and experimented with natural materials to build a strong shelter to keep out the Big, Bad Wolf.

Robins looking at building materials on our adventure walk