The Enormous Turnip

Following our work on Supertato last week, we continued on the theme of vegetables with the story of The Enormous Turnip. The children took on the roles of the different characters who tried to pull up the huge vegetable and acted out the story until the final PULL! We practised colour mixing to make shades of purple to paint a turnip as well as choosing our own favourite vegetables to make a soup recipe and practise writing labels. As part of our maths work, the Robins used cup measures to make their own play dough, went on a number hunt around the school and made collections of objects which they counted and used marks to record the totals in their own way. To celebrate the end of their first term in school we finished the week with a campfire at Forest School and learnt how heat changes materials including the delicious marshmallows we toasted...mmm!

Making playdough