Robins compared fiction and non-fiction books this week in English and learnt many interesting facts about the planets, the moon and the sun. Barney informed us that the sun is ‘’even hotter than an oven’’! The children got creative using oil pastels to mix warmer and cooler colours to draw the different planets then had some messy fun with shaving foam and paint to print the swirling patterns of a planet’s surface.

In Maths we have been sorting and counting bears and buttons. The books ‘Where’s My Teddy’ by Jez Alborough and ‘The Button Box’ by Margarette Reid enouraged the children to match and sort in different ways and discuss what was the same and what was differenta about the collections of objects.

Robins finished the week by making a collection of their own - a bumper crop of conkers! Robins made rubbings of the horse chestnut tree as well as the bark of other trees at Forest School as they learnt about the different species that grow there.foam