Hansel and Gretel

Robins followed a trail of shiny, white pebbles which led them to a gingerbread cottage...can you guess this week's fairy tale? The children brainstormed lots of describing words for the Wicked Witch and came up with some brilliant adjectives like mean, evil and ferocious. I asked the children some 'What if?' questions to give the story a new twist and to help them compose a new ending to the story. What if the witch had been good? What if the house was made of chocolate? The theme of trails continued in P.E. in which we followed a circuits trail on the MUGA and at Forest School we made stick trails for each other to follow. The children also baked their own gingerbread cookies and listened to 'The Sugar Plum Fairy' in Music which revealed a few budding ballerinas!

Ruby climbing trees at 'Little Forest School