Fit and Healthy

This week in Robins we read some non-fiction texts about people who help us. Firstly, we found out about the job of a dentist which linked with the discussions we have had around keeping healthy, then we learnt about being a vet and how to keep pets healthy too. Robins talked about the jobs their parents do including the very important roles of being a Mum and Dad. On our walk we visited places around Gretton where people work which included a very informative chat with the road workers about jackhammers, a chat with Mrs Hanson our Chair of Governors who we met on our way to the local pub for a fleeting visit (honestly!). Our high levels of activity this week did not stop there. We also worked hard on our bat and ball skills in PE, did some 1-minute fitness challenges in PSHE to find out what effect exercise has on our bodies and took a long and scenic route to Forest School on Friday. Phew...I think I'm ready for a rest!

watercoloursChristopher enjoying watercolour painting in Busy Bear time