Oliver's Vegetables

It has been a very healthy week in Robins. We read the stories 'Oliver's Vegetables' and Oliver's Fruit Salad' by Vivien French. We used our senses to help us think of lots of describing words for the vegetables on display in the classroom and then made cress sandwiches by following instructions. Although it was the first time many of the children had tried cress, they all participated in the taste test and most gave their sandwich a big thumbs-up! Some of the Robins asked to make vegetable soup so we chose onions, squash, carrots and potatoes to chop and cook. As well as healthy vegetables we also looked at a selection of fruit and the children practised their safe knife skills using bridge and claw techniques to make a fruit salad like Oliver in the story and wrote lists of their ingredients. In Maths Robins have been building numbers beyond 10 with some keen to build numbers to 100! On our Adventure Walk we went on a number hunt and found some numbers larger than 10 on number plates, road signs, telegraph poles and even on the railway bridge.