Stanley's Stick

The week began with some very snowy photos shared in the class discussion on Showbie. The children also shared their sledging, building snowmen and making snow angels news at school too. The Robins’ story of the week has been the tale of ‘Stanley’s Stick’ by John Hegley. Stanley has a special stick which he takes everywhere and uses his imagination to pretend it is many different things including a ‘stickosaurus’! Robins went stick hunting to find sticks of many shapes, sizes and texture to compare and practise describing words before imagining they were broomsticks, fishing rods and even tiaras. Stanley threw his stick into the sea, so the children tested objects of different materials to find out if they floated or sank. Great work in phonics this week as we learn the trickier 2 and 3 letter sounds and some enthusiastic mathematicians working hard on subtraction sums.