Robin's Winter Song

Robins’ learning this week has been based on a beautiful book called ‘Robin’s Winter Song’ by Suzanne Barton. Robin has never experienced Winter and fears it is something to be frightened of but when it finally arrives realises that it can be wonderful. I have been so impressed with the learning attitude of the Robins this week both in school and at home. We definitely have some budding artists judging by the beautiful story maps that they produced particularly Penelope, Walker and Aubrie. There is some wonderfully descriptive language in the story which inspired much of our English though the children didn’t describe Winter as wonderful, many of them thought it is wet, cold, squelchy and muddy! The squelchy mud was certainly the main feature of Wednesday’s adventure walk! I have seen some really careful handwriting this week, Jack has been doing a fantastic job of writing neatly on lined paper. One of our activities involved den building to hibernate in like bear in the story. Milo built his outdoors – it is certainly a room with a view! Thank you to all those parents supporting the children at home and for keeping us connected through your messages, photos and videos. Here’s a photo of Milo’s den!

Library Photo 1