The Runaway Pea

Robins received a new book each from the Book Trust called ‘The Runaway Pea’ by Kjartan Poskitt which inspired a week’s worth of vegetable related activities. During our daily ‘Dough Disco’ to improve fine motor control we squeezed, rolled and squished our dough into vegetable shapes. We’ve made vegetable prints, pea rolling trails, vegetable soup and created a vegetable shop. In maths the children have been finding and counting matching pairs and in phonics have begun learning their letter sounds. The children enjoyed their first P.E. session in the hall and went on an adventure walk with Mrs Lacey to see the railway bridges in Gretton and make some rubbings. It has been the first full week for Robins and they have coped brilliantly- I hope they enjoy a good rest at the weekend!

IMG 5470