Robin's First Trip

Robins enjoyed their first school trip to the Literature Festival on Monday. They were very excited to travel by coach and to watch a storyteller bring ‘Room on the Broom’ to life as well as listening to the poet Josh Seigal share his poems. There were some very tired children on the way back to school but we were very proud of how well they behaved and listened during the trip. We enjoyed looking at photos of our day back in school and tried to sequence them, and have been reading more of Josh’s poetry. We all particularly like his ‘Body Poem’ because he thinks the best bit of his body is his belly button!

IMG 3601

We also met Maxi, Toby's dog and found out how to look after a pet.

IMG 3630IMG 3652

We made junk model animals with a lot of tape and toilet rolls!

IMG 3662IMG 3662

At Forest School we made 2D shapes with sticks.