Owls...you heard them here first!

On Monday, Owls took part in a fantastic musical workshop all based around the theme of resilience. We had two brilliant workshop leaders in, Kat and Martin, who first discussed with us what resilience is and how we can use strategies to help us deal with situations when they arise. We then put some of these ideas together to create some lyrics. We worked in groups, each writing a section of the song. Once we had perfected our section, we were invited to record ourselves singing it. It was a bit nervewracking for some but we soon got used to it. Once we had recorder al of our parts, Kat and Martin did some editing whilst we concentrated on creating some album artwork. 

The finished song, titled 'Deal with it together' sounds brilliant and can be heard at: https://soundcloud.com/the-songwriting-charity/gretton-primary-school-deal-with-it-together . Our music video will be released soon...watch this space!

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