Viking Day!


Last Monday Owls had a rather special day as we all came to school dressed as Vikings. The children looked fantastic in their fabulous outfits and a huge thank you must go out to all parents for your efforts.
Just after the register our classroom was unexpectedly raided by Hrothgar, a Viking warrior, who invited us down to his camp. He demonstrated many of the Viking weapons and he even taught us how they would have been used! There was a surprising number of children willing to be demonstrated on! Poor Mr Bridges even got involved and had to defend himself against a slingshot, much to the children's amusement.
After break we had a demonstration of how the Vikings would have lit a fire and then the children all took part in a Viking story about the different gods.
In the afternoon we played a traditional Viking board game and saw what happened at a Viking funeral. Grace E discovered to her horror that as a slave girl (the part she played), she would have to be buried alongside the Viking king!
We all had a great day and are now eager to learn more in our topic lessons!

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