Water Dance

Sofia kicked off our ‘Poem of the Week’ on Wednesday with an excellent recitation of the poem ‘Fire
is a Dragon’ which she had learnt back in Kingfishers with Mrs Fisher - I know Mrs Fisher was
impressed she had remembered it! We’ve also started to take a look at a new book in English ‘50
Extraordinary Animals’ - a series of biographies about animals who have led incredible lives (so far
we’ve covered Pickles - the World Cup finding dog, Bob - the street cat who became famous and Cher
Ami - a heroic pigeon!).
Elsewhere, in Science we witnessed water transforming from solid to liquid and gas and back again as
well as learning the correct terminology and in Geography we researched some of the world’s
different biomes.
In PE, with Mr Major, the Owls have been creating their own water dancesPE 1