Autumn Poetry

It was Owls’ class assembly this week and although it was a shame we couldn’t invite parents in, it was great to get them up and running again and we were all really impressed with how confidently the children spoke and read out their work. It also made us reflect on how much we have packed into the first ten weeks of the year. I will put up the PowerPoint on Showbie to give parents a taster of what we have been doing. This week we have been poets, learning about two shorter forms of poetry; the haiku and deamante (diamond) poems. On Thursday, we took a walk round Gretton to give us some inspiration for some Autumn poems we will be writing next week. We talked about similes and metaphors and the children came up with some great ideas as well as getting a chance to enjoy kicking around and crunching some fallen leaves! We’ve also had reading and maths assessments this week which the children coped with admirably and many actually enjoyed! To finish the week, we had a football tournament which ended with a thrilling penalty shootout in which Alfie S scored the winning penalty.