Arrow heads

After learning about the Stone Age last half term, Owls learnt about the relatively recent (a mere 4000 years ago) discovery of bronze. We discovered the process for making this revolutionary new material and discussed the advantages over Stone before the children wrote their own sales pitches trying to persuade an ancient cave dweller to convert to using bronze. We also saw first-hand how we could make any shape by crafting our own moulds from clay to make some ice arrow heads. Retrieving the frozen arrow heads from the frozen moulds proved tricky but gave as an idea of the process! Elsewhere, we have practised our persuasive letter writing skills in order to write a very important letter to a very important person about a very important issue next week! In Maths, we’ve been tackling some column addition and subtraction to complete calculations with some large numbers and in RE looked at some of the very interesting Hindu gods and goddesses.

Examining our ice arrow heads to understand the advantages of moulded bronze for tools and weapons over stone.