Pumpkin Chase

There was outrage in Owls’ classroom this week as we received a letter from Mr Frank Pickles of Pickles’ Pickle Factory stating that he intended to build his new pickled onion factory on the village playing field! We decided that we were definitely opposed to this idea and the children came up with an impressive list of reasons why it would be a terrible idea which we have used to start formulating our persuasive letters of response to him. I am confident that with the children’s excellent persuasive writing we will be able to get ourselves out of this pickle! Elsewhere, we enjoyed a great afternoon down at the field on Thursday playing tag rugby and were also lucky to hit a dry spell on Wednesday to go to Forest School. In our final Forest School session for this block, we managed to weave our own spiders’ webs, have a fire and even replicate the famous Gloucestershire cheese rolling with our own version of Pumpkin Rolling! A huge thank you to Mrs Wycherley for organising our excellent Forest School sessions over the past six weeks.

Beatrice leads the chase for the pumpkin!

pumpkin chase