Clay Monsters

Forest School on Wednesday saw Owls being tigers or humans in an exciting new game, making clay monsters based on the ones they have been writing stories about in English and making our very own Stone Age necklaces and bracelets. Whilst enjoying our hot chocolates we also listened to another chapter of ‘The Lost Bear’ (our Literature Festival book) and learnt a new word from the Norwegian language ‘friluftsliv’ which means a love of the outdoors which seemed very appropriate given that we read about it at Forest School! Elsewhere, we’ve discussed the advantages of, and had a go at word processing, creating fact files about the Neolithic village of Skyla Brae. In Maths, we have been learning some of the basics rules of Roman Numerals and discovered that our own number system is much more helpful in helping us add or subtract numbers. We also learnt how to accurately sketch apples and look forward to displaying our excellent work at Gretton Apple Rock!

Owls FS