Belas Knap

It was a quieter start to the week in Owls with quite a few children off but we enjoyed some interesting history lessons, first deciding what we would do to survive in the Stone Age and then becoming archaeologists by completing puzzles to reveal different Stone Age artefacts. 


How many Owls are the same length as the long barrow?!

Thankfully we had most children back on Wednesday for our walk up to Belas Knap. We were blessed with glorious weather and had a great time walking up to the Neolithic burial site which is no re than 5,000 years old! On the way up we created Stone Age art using natural materials and then when we arrived we measured the long narrow by lining ourselves up head to toe! (If you’re interested it is 30 Owls long!!!). There were some tired legs by the end of the walk but the children did fantastically well, walking about 6 1/2 miles! Particular credit to those that played rugby afterwards at tag rugby club! 

walk 2