Times Tables Rock Stars

The highlight of Owls’ week would I’m sure be Wednesday this week where the Year 3s were introduced to Times Table Rock Stars, we had our first Forest School session followed by getting to handle and investigate meteorites! 

We sadly didn’t have Mrs Wycherley for Forest School this week but made the most of it with a walk up into the woods to do some foraging for natural materials and then making nature hangings inspired by one Sarah had brought in to show us. 

At one point Mr Bridges thought we didn’t have any scissors to cut our string, but we thought about what people in the Stone Age would do and found that a sharp stone could act as a good blade. Thankfully, the ever reliable Mrs Fowler had actually got some scissors and we were able to speed the process up! Not everyone managed to finish so there may be a few which need adding to at home but the completed ones we did get looked great! 

We also got started with our times tables this week and learnt more about staying safe online and how to use search engines effectively.