The Stone Age

Owls’ Stone Age timeline on the playground and our colourful ‘Things which make us happy.’ kites. 

Our new Owls have settled in fantastically well and we’ve had a great first week back. We’ve read two short books, ‘The Secret Sky Garden’ by Linda Sarah and Fiona Lumbers and ‘The Promise’ by Nicola Davies. We compared these two texts and found they shared the same theme of plants being used to cheer up and bring colour to drab surroundings. We have used this as inspiration to write about our own ‘Secret Garden’, another story we have been listening to! 

Elsewhere, we have started work on our new topic and have discovered just how long a period the Stone Age was and how long ago it was compared to much of the comparatively modern history we have learned about up until now. We created a 20 metre timeline on the playground which represented the 200,000 years since modern humans have been around. Based upon this line, all the history we have studied before, fits into just 20cm and our own lives (the children’s), represented less than one millimetre of the line!