Code Breakers

Owls class was eerily quiet on Wednesday afternoon as the children become World War 2 code breakers for the afternoon. We looked at a type of code called the Pigpen Cypher. Ines and Beatrice in particular quickly picked up the idea but soon we were all cracking the code and then sending our own messages to one another. We also learnt a bit about the work which went on at Bletchley Park and Mr Bridges showed us a video of the amazing code breaking machine which was put to use and had to work through 17,576 combinations every day- thankfully ours were a little simpler! Elsewhere, we finished our class story, The Butterfly Lion, which promoted a lot of discussion and the children started coming up with ideas for their own alternative endings or added chapters. On Monday we took a long walk up on Langley Hill to identify different types of trees - Beauford and Rowan identifie different types! Finley’s World War 2 code breaking!