Dendrochronology (estimating the age of trees) was the focus of Owls’ Forest School session this week. We looked at the rings inside logs and branches and discovered that counting each ring told us the age of the tree. We also discovered how to measure the height of a tree without having to climb it, instead using our knowledge of angles. Back inside the classroom, we learnt some important lessons about what we can do to help prevent global warming in the future through reading an e-book, which gave us the power to choose how the story went. In English, we continued our work on ‘The Butterfly Lion’ by Michael Morpurgo and discovered a bit more about life in the First World War. Pen Licence: Well done to Oscar Hollingsworth Reading Challenge: Congratulations to Beatrice (Platinum) and Sarah (Silver).

Owls working together to measure the height of the oak tree up at Forest School