Swimming Stars

The fun doesn’t end in Owls - whilst swimming may have come to an end, we had our first session at Forest School! The children have all made fantastic progress with their swimming over the six weeks and it was great to see how much confidence and enjoyment there was when we had our ‘free play’ session at the end with balls, batons and hoops flying everywhere. Many of the children also swam whole lengths (or multiple lengths) of the pool. The children also learnt about beach flags with Mr Major on Monday so be sure to quiz them on this in the summer holidays at the beach! During Forest School, we tried our hand at some ‘Poetree’, thinking of one line each to create a group poem. In a more mathematical activity, we used sticks to make different angles, as well as some perpendicular and parallel lines. In the classroom, we’ve had some reading tests to do this week which there was a really positive attitude to, and again, we were really impressed with the progress the children have made. Well done all of you! Pen Licences: Ines and Rowan - well done on the concerted effort to present everything neatly and for consistently joining your handwriting. Congratulations to Sophie, Jake and Sarah for the fantastic efforts they have been making with the Nessy spelling programme and on being awarded their ‘Certificates of Achievement’.

Tuesday marked the end of Owls’ six-week swimming block - they have all made fantastic progress