We were all transported back to the 1940s on Wednesday and experienced what it must have been like to be a World War 2 evacuee. Before the day, we had imagined what it would be like to leave our homes and families behind and were shocked by how little children would have been able to take with them. We also made ID cards to take with us on the day to stop us from becoming lost. On the day itself we were met by Farmer Wells who escorted us from our imaginary London homes out to the countryside where we would be safer. Along the way we had many adventures including running into a suspected German spy on the train, joining a firefighting party to learn how to deal with incendiary bombs and experiencing a bombing raid from the safety of the shelter. Another highlight was getting to meet some real evacuees who told us of their experiences. One of them ended up going to Gretton School himself and liked it so much he stayed in the area! We all had a fantastic day and I know Winchcombe railway and the adults were very impressed by the children’s knowledge, questions and general behaviour. Elsewhere, we’ve been reading and doing some work around ‘The Butterfly Lion’ by Michael Morpurgo and in Maths have been learning about coordinates, different types of angles and the properties of 3D shapes.