It’s been a week of descriptions and poetry this week in Owls as we finished off our descriptive writing about spending a night in the Anderson shelter before tackling some different forms of poetry. We’ve looked at limericks and cinquains, which required us to pay close attention to the number of syllables in each line as well as tackling free verse where there really are no rules (apart from capital letters to start each line!). Given that we only had one lesson on each the children have written some fantastic pieces of poetry and showed great enthusiasm for each. On Friday, we will choose our favourite poem for the week, develop and improve it before deciding how to present it before it takes its place in our class book of poems. This week we were welcomed three Eagles into the class; Lily-Mae, Jennifer and Mckenzii. They have all been fantastic and helped out in a few Maths lessons and Lily-Mae told us all about the Phillipines which we all decided would be a great place to visit! In Maths we’ve continued to work on geometry, looking at the patterns of symmetry in regular polygons and also tried our hands at creating some tessellations. George’s Limerick:

There was once an old man from York,

Who was made entirely from pork.

He went down stairs,

To see some bears,

And they ate him up like a hawk!

Owls pulling some funny faces out in the sunshine at break time

funny faces