Operation Room

This week, having previously covered the build up to the Battle of Britain, we learnt about the event itself and the remarkable courage shown by ‘The few’ to hold off the invasion. One of the highlights was playing the Operation Room Game where we developed an understanding of the tactics of the battle and the German strategy to take out the British airfields. In our swimming, the children have started working towards different attainment badges and as ever the progress continues to impress us all. In English we watched a virtual reality video of a bombing raid from inside an Anderson shelter and have begun planning some descriptive writing around this. We were amazed to see how much the ground shook when nearby bombs landed. In our Maths work we’ve started to work on geometry, exploring different angles and other properties of shapes.

An excerpt from Jack’s excellent spelling story:

Never drive with a television on!

Once upon a time there was an enormous explosion involving a strange television. It was dangerous and caused confusion as it led to a collision in the street involving two cars. The collision happened on a disastrous stormy night in January but could easily have been in February or March. One car had two televisions in it! One television had a joyous show playing with a famous actor Jim Carey. The other had a huge screen playing a video of a poisonous snake attacking a human being, it appeared to be ravenous. The person being eaten was adventurous but hadn’t expected to be eaten by a snake. He hadn’t even arranged his pension! The people driving the cars were both women. One woman said that the other driver had crashed into her on numerous occasions and that there had then been a surprise explosion. The other woman said it wasn’t her fault, it was just that the snake on the television had distracted her and that normally she was a fabulous driver.

George and Jasper engaged in combat in our Operations Room Game