Fight them on the beaches

As you may know, we have a new reading challenge in Owls with the children totalling up the number of pages read in completed books. Well done to the following children who have achieved various awards: Platinum Award: Finley, Oscar, Ines, Talia and Rowan Gold Award: Beatrice, Rubylee and Beth Bronze Award: George I know others are on their way towards awards too and will be mentioned in the coming weeks. The ballot papers were being waved in earnest in Owls this week as we wrote and read out our own versions of the ‘Fight them on the beaches’ speech. Backed by the music of ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ the children read their speeches with great enthusiasm and passion. Earlier, in the week, we learned about the heroic rescue of the troops at Dunkirk but reflected that it was a success in terms of rescuing the troops but also a defeat. We looked at the numbers and compared them to the number of children in school - for every one child in our school, over 3000 soldiers were rescued! In other areas, in English we’ve been designing our own machines to help people and we’re using this to plan and write explanations about how they work. I’m looking out for Rubylee’s ‘Baby changer’ machine of the future - a machine which helps busy parents with looking after their babies! In Maths we’ve been tackling worded problems, working out which operations to use and when. Swimming is also going very well with huge progress being made with some of us swimming to the bottom of the pool to retrieve hoops and others developing their different strokes as well as learning how to jump in safely.

Beauford and Josiah delivering their speeches!