The Blitz

It’s hard to believe that we’ve only been in school four days this week given the number of different activities we’ve experienced! We’ve spent a couple of afternoons creating Blitz silhouette paintings and exploring the technique of creating blended washes to give the effect of the fire illuminated skies. Whilst we were doing this, we also heard the sound of the air raid siren going off and had to dive to safety under the desks to avoid an air raid! Once that was finished, we were able to lift our spirits with some music from the era including Glenn Miller and the old classic ‘Run Rabbit Run’. Elsewhere, we’ve also been very active with rounders and swimming. It’s been fantastic to see just how much progress the children have made in just two sessions and it has become a firm favourite activity of our week. In English, we’ve been looking at the difference between instructions and explanations which we’ve found a challenge but are getting there with. In Maths, we’ve been revisiting written methods across the four operations and have been really impressed with the children’s confidence with this.

blitzHugo and Morgan working hard on their Blitz silhouette artwork.