Fight and Flight

Another term has begun and we’ve had a great first week back getting our teeth into the new topic “Fight and Flight”. We started by looking at some of the major events of the 20th century including the two world wars, the moon landing and Britain’s first female Prime Minister - we sorted related photographs into those we felt were the oldest and which were the most recent. We found that black and white images tended to be the oldest ones but this wasn’t always the case. We also discussed the build up to the Second World War and looked at reasons for and against Britain declaring war on Germany. Elsewhere, in English we’ve been looking at instruction texts and we had a go at giving our own instructions to create a drawing both verbally and in writing. We discovered that giving instructions verbally is quite challenging and being able to put in a title, diagrams and other features is very helpful in delivering the instructions. In Maths we’ve been reading the clock and telling the time both digitally and in words. Mrs Fowler and I have both been impressed with the way the children have picked this up.