The Pea and the Princess

You’ve heard of The Princess and the Pea but what about The Pea and the Princess?! This week in English we’ve been looking at variations of The Princess and the Pea story and understanding how authors can take traditional fairy tales and give them a twist either by changing the setting or writing the story from another person’s (or in this case a pea’s!) point of view. In Maths the Year 3s have been measuring and working out perimeters of different 2D shapes and the Year 4s have been developing their understanding of the relationship between fractions and decimal numbers. The Maths work also came in useful for our DT work this week as we started creating our own nets in order to build our own model Tudor houses. We’ve had lots of discussions about mind-set this week too and talked about how we feel when we perceive that we’ve failed. We’ve been encouraging the children to see a ‘fail’ as a First Attempt In Learning. With this in mind, we didn’t mind if our nets didn’t quite work out the first time round but made sure that we tried to look at where we could improve them on our subsequent attempts. A final highlight was our School Values Games tournament - a version of netball this time. There was a notable improvement throughout the tournament by all. Well done to Team Passion who were the overall winners.

Alfie, Morgan, Beth and Hugo working on their nets to build their Tudor houses