It’s been great to have the Owls all back together again this week and although I think we will all be feeling very tired by Friday afternoon we’ve had a good first week. On Tuesday we ditched our original plans for English in light of the exciting Winchcombe meteorite. We decided to research more about them and found some fascinating facts such as that they are not called a meteorite until they actually collide with Earth (in Space they are known as a meteoroid and as they enter our atmosphere they are known as a meteor) and that they are around 4.6 billion years old. In our Geography work, we looked at the development of Tewkesbury and the land use in different parts of the town using the online Digimap program. I’m sure a highlight of many of the Owls’ week though was our School Values Games dodgeball tournament which was very competitively contested and after an excellent fight back was won by Team Honesty.

George and Thomas researching about meteorites