Owl's' Art Work

We are going to run out of space on the walls of the classroom with the amount of fantastic art work we have collated this week. In our Foundation work, Owls finished off their Rachel Markwick inspired collages depicting a wide range of Gloucestershire’s landmarks, from lakes to prisons and docks to rolling hills. We also used the Gloucestershire landscape to give us inspiration for redesigning the County Council’s logo. We had some really interesting designs incorporating the beautiful Gloucestershire landscape as well as one showing some muddy walking boots and another showing a Gloucester Old Spot pig! World Book Day has been stretched out into a week of book related activities. We’ve written and illustrated poems, redesigned book covers, written stories mixing up characters from different books and even had time to discuss who our favourite villainous characters are!

Photo below: Top left: Talia’s collage of Gloucester Docks. Bottom left: Thomas’ collage of Gloucester Prison. Right: Paris’ ‘Honeycorn’ designed as part of the Sarah McIntyre workshop we enjoyed on World Book Day

owl art2