Pixel Art

Owls have been working incredibly hard to master some difficult grammatical concepts this week with our work on singular and possessive apostrophes. This is a notoriously complicated skill to master but we’ve been really impressed with the amount of concentration which has been shown and we are definitely on our way to getting it! Despite a very positive attitude shown to this grammar work, I think most of us have enjoyed some of our foundation subjects this week. We combined History and Geography on Monday by looking at a fascinating video of Winchcombe from 1939, as well as comparing modern day local maps to ones from as far back as 1890! We observed many changes from these times; there was no railway line in 1890 and the town of Winchcombe was much smaller and spelt differently (Winchcomb). However, there were many things that also remained unchanged from these times. Our computing work on Tuesday saw us having a practice at making digital art work, and in French the children competed against me (online) and Mrs Eliot (in class) in a spin the wheel and name the French number game! On Friday we will be starting our collages of Gloucestershire landscapes, so we look forward to sharing those with you in due course.

Pixil art