Geography Features

Owls have continued to impress with their hardworking attitude this week in another packed week. Our foundation work has seen us programming in our computing lesson. The Minecraft activity proved very popular, as did the dance studio and I particularly enjoyed seeing Rowan’s dancing sloth and bears. Lots of the Owls used their daily exercise as an opportunity to get out and about looking for physical and human geographical features. They recorded these in various ways such as annotated photos (Ines, Finn and George). Other activities included creating classification keys for local woodland wildlife and giving directions around town in French. In our English work, the children have been working exceptionally hard on revamping a very basic version of Jack and the Beanstalk and turning it into epic adventure stories. We also celebrated Children’s Mental Health week by creating some fantastic posters celebrating our strengths, hobbies, favourite people and places. It was lovely seeing the wide range of hobbies and interests and the positive attitude our children have.

Sarah and George’s work on looking at physical and human geographical features.

Sarah and George