Netball Games

No Pens (or pencils) Wednesday proved very popular this week with a range of activities which we all enjoyed. Our English session focussed on ‘show don’t tell’ with the idea being that it is sometimes better to describe our characters’ facial expressions, body language or voices rather than to simply say how they were feeling. We played games where we had to act out different emotions and another where we had to say the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty in a variety of different ways. In the Maths activity we used our knowledge of multiplication and division to complete puzzles and a key learning point for some of us, was how useful writing down numbers is rather than trying to keep everything in our heads.

In the afternoon, we re-enacted the discovery of the buried Anglo Saxon ship at Sutton Hoo. I was really impressed with how much the children got into character.

Elsewhere, in Science we sorted animals into vertebrates and invertebrates and in PE have been really developing our understanding of passing to create space in netball themed games.

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