It has been a week of reflection for Owls. At Forest school we thought of things we are great full for as we had our camp fire (as well as lots of songs and jokes!) and in Science we investigated mirrors. Also in Science, we looked at a picture of an ambulance and we were interested to see how many ways the ambulance had been modified to make it more visible. As part of this, we noticed the backwards writing of the word ambulance on the bonnet and thought about why this might be (it wasn’t by accident!). We then enjoyed trying to write our names and different words backwards before testing them in mirrors- it was trickier than we thought!

In other areas, we wrote stories using common words which are often misspelled (well done to Beth Denne who managed to fit all 64 words from the list in!). In Maths, we’ve begun work on column addition and in our history work we discussed the typical features of an Anglo Saxon village.

Mirror image writing at Forest School.