Double Date Day

It was a day late that we noticed but Owls enjoyed trying to work out what was special about the date on Monday (5/10/20). Lots of children recognised that all of the numbers were in the 5 times table but well done to Oscar Hollingsworth who was the first to, very quickly, spot that the numbers doubled each time. Mrs Holt later informed me that this is known as ‘double date’ day! Beth also worked out that the next one will not be for another four years on 6/12/24. After that we realised that the next one won’t be until the year 2104! (1/2/04)

Elsewhere, we’ve been planning and writing our Viking legends and in Maths we started to look at Roman Numerals which proved very popular! We had another great session at Forest School where, amongst other things, we collected natural objects (well done to Talia and Amelia who found 30 different objects!) and created leaf rubbings which helped us to examine the leaves structure more closely.