Owls’ focus this week has been on our scientific topic, exploring light and darkness. We considered many different objects and thought about whether they were sources of light or not. A few were easy, for example a tube of toothpaste is clearly not a light source and the sun clearly is. Others, however, created more debate for example mirrors, windows and the moon. Much to our surprise, the moon is not a light source, instead it simply reflects the light as is the case with the mirror. The window too is not a light source, it is simply an opening which allows light to pass through it. We also looked at the reflectiveness of different materials and discovered through our investigation that lighter colours and smoother surfaces are more reflective. Another highlight was experiencing (almost) true darkness in the PE shed and finding that Mr Bridges’ reflective cycling jacket was not a light source, so didn’t show at all with no light on it.

Elsewhere, we also had another enjoyable (and drier) Forest School session, where we enjoyed some meditative yoga and making our own bogarts!