Owls ducked, dived and most importantly dodged on Thursday in our first School Value’s Games of the year, where we started with dodgeball. The children showed a competitive spirit but with a real sense of fair play, demonstrating the School Games Values; passion, determination, respect, teamwork, honesty and self-belief, brilliantly. In other areas, Miss Plaskitt has been teaching the children the names of different foods in French through a very competitive and fun game (even though Mr Bridges lost!) and we also learnt how to say if we like or dislike different foods.  Lots of our children took part in the Year 3 / 4 football tournament this week too and it was pleasing to hear of all the enthusiasm (and success!).  In our topic lesson, we learnt about the building of Stonehenge and the children were amazed to learn that some of the rocks weighed more than 300 imes the weight of Mr Bridges! We even had a model Stonehenge built in the playground during our afternoon play with substantially lighter bricks!