Fire building

Owls had their final Forest School session on Tuesday where we collected dry sticks of different sizes to create a fire and cooked on it, just as they would have done in pre-historic times. The only difference was that we cooked marshmallows, apples and chocolate filled bananas which, sadly, were not available to our predecessors! In our English work, building on our persuasive adverts, we are now writing letters to Mr Woolston to see if it is possible to have some more forest school sessions in the Summer. We discussed all of the merits of forest school, thought about the groups of people who might need convincing and tried to find solutions to any misgivings they might have. One suggestion was that they could clean their own kit which I’m sure parents would get on board with!  Elsewhere, in Maths work we have been working on column addition and in PSHE thought about the benefits of being different from one another. 

IMG 2446IMG 2446