Walk to Belas Knap

Owls donned their hiking boots on Tuesday and headed out for an adventure on Tuesday as we made our way up to the Bronze Age burial site of Belas Knap. On the way we looked at the landscape and thought about what may or may not have changed since the Stone Age. We also tried our hand at some Stone Age art using sticks and twigs foraged from the forest. The children were fascinated by Belas Knap itself and amazed to learn that it is about was about 714 times as old as Oscar H! A big thank you to Mrs Wycherley and to all of the other parents, younger siblings and friendly dogs who joined us!

On Wednesday, we created a timeline on the playground which represented the 200,000 years of mankind. The children were amazed to learn that Belas Knap is relatively new in comparison to the length of the Stone Age and most of our history that we have ever studied fits into about 1cm of our 20m timeline!