Rangoli Patterns

Another busy week in Kingfishers, working on shape in Maths, finding vertices and symmetry, as well as ensuring we can recognise and name all the 2D shapes we need to know. In English we have really been concentrating on our phonics and writing questions and answers for Elise and Emil, from a story we have enjoyed, ‘The Visitor’. At Forest school we were looking at leaf skeletons; the sun was shining through the leaves, revealing bright colours as well as the veins. We made prints in clay and then tried leaf rubbing. It looks so easy but requires some considerable dexterity to keep the leaf still whilst it’s rubbed. We found out about the Diwali tradition of Rangoli patterns before attempting to cover the classroom in coloured rice! The children tried so hard to keep the colours separate, and to place the rice in specific places. They were very pleased with the dried results. We have been thinking about, and finding out about ‘Parables’ in R.E. We have watched and thought about the meanings behind the stories of ‘The Lost Son’ and ‘The Lost Sheep’, trying to understand why Jesus told these stories and why Christian people today still learn from them.