Sudeley Castle

What a wonderful day we had yesterday at Sudeley Castle. The weather was kind, and the activities plentiful. We explored inside and out, and we hope the children have a little more understanding that castles don’t always have to be on top of hills – they can be ‘great’ houses too. We knew that several of the children had already visited – and it was very interesting to hear what they could tell us to enhance our visit. It was inevitable that we would end up in the Adventure Playground – but it really was a fabulous visit! Thank you for sorting out the drop off and collection arrangements. Much of this week has been spent recounting our experiences at the Literature Festival – what a grand day out that was too! It was a good talk, from Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet, and it was amazing to actually bump into ‘Supertato’! In Maths we are continuing adding – trying hard to improve number bonds to 10, 20 and for the year 2s, beyond. We heard about the Aboriginal Creation story – the Father of all things and the Mother Sun. The children then used a lot of patience to spot print a creature of their choice – with very pleasing results. In PE we have been practising throwing and catching – and in Science we have completed our work on recognising and identifying uses for different materials.