Waterproof Materials

Continuing on from last week’s wonderful questions, Rapunzel was interviewed in her castle chair, before she wrote a diary entry, about what had happened to her. It was very funny having the boys wearing her hat, and thinking up the answers! The photographic evidence is in the children’s books – so in a couple of weeks you will be able to delight over the photos here at school. In readiness for our talk at the Literature Festival, we have been enjoying the ‘Supertato’ stories – and we have been writing about them – using the capital letters, finger spaces and full stops that Y1 and Y2 teachers revel in… Maths has seen us moving on to adding - many opportunities arise during the day, as well as working on number pairs that make 10. We even managed to talk about maths when we were at Forest School. It was lovely this week up there, the rain held off, and we really enjoyed making the fir cone hedgehogs which you will all have found in their Forest School bags! In Science, we experimented with the different materials, finding out which, or which were not, waterproof. Our predictions didn’t quite work out – as the newspaper held firm! The tissue paper turned the water purple – and disintegrated in front pf our eyes – amidst much hilarity! We have been thinking about Harvest in RE, discussing all the different types of crops that are harvested – and whether a combine harvester is always needed. This led us on to making our lovely apple pictures ready for ‘Apple Rock’ on Saturday! We hope you will enjoy looking at them.

materials 2