The weeks are flashing past – we have been working hard! This week we have completed our stories about Sir Charlie Stinky Socks. It took quite some time to get the endings just how we wanted, but all the children are really proud of their stories and have tried really hard with their handwriting. We have begun thinking about the story of Rapunzel – wondering just why she was put in the tower? Did her hair get in the way when she was in bed? Did she even have a bed? and we thought she had very lovely hair!

In maths we are continuing with counting to 20 and counting backwards and forwards. The Y2s have been working out some problems using number words as well as reasoning about examples they have been given, looking for mistakes and counting in tens and ones.

We had a very strange Creation story this week – we were hearing about the Hindu Creation story. Brahma has many heads, Vishnu was coloured blue, and the Lotus flower must have been very strong indeed to hold Brahma in it. There was certainly a lot of discussion about how it all might have happened.

It wasn’t wet at Forest School, and so the children had a great time making ‘scrolls’ as they would have written in Castle Times, we also worked with feathers, and used blackberry ink. It was really good fun – especially if you mashed the blackberries up and just spread them all over the page……! We loved having the hot chocolate out of the new flasks Mrs Wycherly has bought for us – there was more than enough hot chocolate to go round!Henry Will