String Art

Owls are very much looking forward to our sports day on Friday and have enjoyed practising for the different events. We look forward to having parents along to watch and cheer on. At Forest School on Monday we created our own ‘String Art’ which involved sawing a cross section of log and weaving wool in and out of nails to create patterns. It proved frustrating at times but we persevered and some of the finished results were really effective. Back in class, we’ve been closely observing how our seeds have been doing in different conditions and were amazed that the seeds in the dark germinated and the seedlings were the tallest of all the conditions, although they’re starting to look rather unhealthy without seeing the sunlight - we actually took some of these out of the cupboard to see if they would recover. Our final observational investigation involved tying a clear plastic bag over a branch and leaving it out in the sun. We were interested to find that when we returned the plastic bag was very wet inside - proof of the process of transpiration!

Owls class examining the leaves after our transpiration investigation. Right: Our ‘String Art’ from Forest School