New Teachers!

The weeks are floating past, and we’re nearly there! This week in Kingfishers we have been learning and reciting, performing and writing the poem by Shirley Hughes, “Sand in the Sandwiches”. It has funny rhymes and some vocabulary that made us think. In maths, we were taught by 3 young teachers on Monday – they were reinforcing our understanding of odd and even numbers, counting on, or back in tens from different starting points, and showing us how to use the Numicon confidently. We have carried on thinking about odd and even numbers – and showing how we know which number is which, as we progress through the tens numbers into the hundreds. At Forest School, we tried the Nettle Tea – it “tasted of sprouts”, “green beans”, and “broccoli water”. It was followed by a small cup of Hot Chocolate – I’m sure you can work out the most favoured flavour! There was great excitement when we found the toad – although also a certain amount of consternation when we realised we had been sitting on the tree stump it was hiding beneath…. (just to say – fortunately, no adults were involved in the sitting activity!) We have been practising for our races for Sports Day – everyone has been showing great sportsmanship and perseverance. Good Luck to everyone on Sports Day! And then there was sewing……… the designs have been drawn, the prototypes made, changes discussed, improvements considered……and now to the needles and thread…………. The 3 new teachers in action –

new teachers