British Isles

This week we have continued learning vocabulary in French, related to the beach. If anyone ever gets to go on holiday I’m certain it will be very useful! At Forest School we continued looking at trees. We had an identification chart, and we found we had to look really closely – was it an Alder or an Elder? A maple or a sycamore? It was so interesting that we didn’t have time to try the nettle tea that Mrs Wycherley made for us in the Kelly Kettle – a delight for next week instead! Tuesday saw us practising our races and trying out relay activities in our house teams. Mr Bridges and Mr Major have been training us on a new race – Well done Bella, for making Mr Bridges run an awful lot faster than he meant to! On Wednesday we had a quick whizz round the British Isles, using an atlas and naming some of the bigger islands. The children found it challenging but very interesting! In maths we have been practising our times tables and counting in groups of 2s 3s and 5s. For those moving on up to Owls, this will be a great start to their Times Table journey! We listened to the ‘Grand March from Aida’ as part of our Music lesson – the suggestions the children had, for who might be arriving, were inventive and very thoughtful. I was also very impressed by the wide range of suggestions they had (largely from their extensive Disney knowledge), about similar pieces of music that it reminded them of. Great listening Kingfishers. A slight change of style next, “When I’m 64”! …maps1