Are we nearly there yet?

“Are we nearly there yet” has made us think about what it might mean – “how to not be sick in the car”, might we “go to a Safari Park”, “maybe we’re going to France”! We have started to think about ‘Seasides’. We have spent 2 afternoons painting, gluing, cutting and creating a fabulous display with each child deciding where their starfish, whale or beach towel might go - and we have created the covers for our Topic Work folders. In English, we have been writing speech bubbles, thinking about what the creatures might be saying to each other at the beginning of the story of ‘The Snail and the Whale’. In Maths we have moved on to Subtraction stories. Although it was extremely hot, the children all tried their hardest in PE, continuing their tennis skills with Mr Major…… maybe we will end up at Wimbledon after all?!