Another week has trundled past for Kingfishers. We have been busy in Maths, carrying on with addition and subtraction patterns and problems. We have been reading word problems and working out what we need to do to find the answers. In English we have been enjoying the story of Grace, who is amazing – we have been writing about her and thinking about the message of the story – that we can do, and be, anything! For our Topic work, we have been creating healthy fruit kebabs, and designing healthy plates of food. We have been talking a lot about eating more vegetables and discussing likes and dislikes. We are still working on our French body parts – Mr Woolston joined in with our last Bingo session, which caused much amusement! He also worked with us for our RE lesson this week when we were thinking about the Jewish ‘Mezuzah’ artefact. Everyone enjoyed making their own, filling it with a secret message that they thought they could live by. Some of the messages were thought provoking and poignant – more great thinking from Kingfishers!

Our Mezuzot. They will be placed on the door frames of the classroom – in the same way that the Jewish community have theirs at home.